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Prepare your business for
Digital Transformation

Automate the management of processes, documents and indicators in a low-code and collaborative platform that adapts to your business needs.

Create your own workflows
and automate processes

Make assertive decisions
based on data

Make your business paperless and
centralize document management

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What is EDM?

EDM stands for Electronic Document Management. It’s a system that manages the entire lifecycle of enterprise documents, from creation to disposal.

Reasons to choose Fusion Platform
and why it’s your best choice

All-in-one platform (BPMS/ECM/Analytics)

Fusion Platform includes the necessary tools to manage your business processes, documents and indicators.

Focus on modeling, documentation and automation of processes of any complexity

The ready-for-use processes offered by the market will not always meet the particularities of your business. Fusion Platform allows you to reflect these needs in the automation of your processes, regardless of the complexity level of the customization.

Easy to use (low-code)

Fusion Platform is oriented to all users from any business area, not just developers, allowing the automation of processes by any member of your team (IT independence).


Easy integration with ERP, CRM, among others.

Collaborative platform

Promote the integration of business teams and departments through social media features that facilitate communication between those involved with processes and documents.

Corporate mobility

Fusion Mobile allows you to run processes anytime and anywhere through quick actions in mobile apps.


Fusion Platform can transform your business and achieve the results you always wanted.

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