Fusion Platform

Prepare your business for
Digital Transformation

Easy integration with ERP, CRM, among others.

Perform your activities through Fusion Mobile, anytime and anywhere.

Get more agility in your routine with an intuitive, user-friendly and easy-to-use interface.

Social media features and functionality that provide a high level of collaboration.

Simplified BPM Modeling

Create processes in an intuitive interface and ensure continuous improvement of your operations.

Try out the BPM Studio

More visibility for task tracking

Rely on a single environment to execute and control tasks, deadlines, assignments, appointments and more.

Discover the Task Center

Improve the traceability of your processes

Find processes through custom queries and export results in just a few clicks.

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Forms and integrations in a few clicks

Create electronic forms and integrate with databases or webservices without the need for programming.

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Save time in process documentation

With just a few clicks, export the complete documentation of the processes in DOC or PDF.

Meet the Document Exporter

Less steps for script development and implementation

Rely on your own development environment without the complexity of a traditional IDE.

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Compliance, transparency and data handling

Analyze the compliance of what is created, edited or deleted from the database through evidence and irrefutable validation.

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Centralized document management

A single environment to facilitate the management of business documents.

Discover the Document Center

Customize the consultation of documents and information

Find exactly what you are looking for, either by: date, version, publisher, document type, subject, tags, among others.

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Simplified document publication

Publish documents, set permissions, assign tags, subjects and notified the teams.

Publication of Documents

Manage documents safely and independently

Configure approval flows, ensure document security, among several actions.

Document Types

Take control over documents history

A timeline that allow intuitive viewing of the entire history of documents, such as: versions, revisions, approvals, issuance of copies and others.


Sign documents electronically with legal validity

Easy e-signature and digital signature, providing a secure and accurate identification.

Electronic Signature

Easily release controlled copies

Make documents secure in print or digital format, ensure compliance and adherence to standards such as ISO 9001, and others.

Controlled Copy

Practical universal viewer

The solution allows authorized users to add comments and tag people, ensuring a much more fluid communication.

Universal Viewer

Centralize monitoring of indicators

View analytics in an organized way in a single environment, customizing permissions and hierarchies with a few clicks.

Discover Analytics Center

Make assertive decisions with customizable analytics

Freedom to configure analytics in the way that best suits you and get accurate information to leverage results.

Create and customize your analytics

Easy report creation

Easily extract, transform and visualize information through reports.

Create reports with a few clicks

Security and compliance management

Customize permissions and hierarchies with a few clicks, and ensure information security.

Corporate governance (permissions and hierarchies)

Turn data into information

Connect different databases or webservices and extract information in an organized way.

Extraction and configuration

Configure multiple databases

Connect different databases or webservices and extract information in an organized way.

Extraction and configuration

The command center you need.

Track all the information inherent to corporate processes, documents and indicators in an intuitive and collaborative environment.

Save time in your routine

Fusion Mobile

Manage processes, approve requests
and send documents from wherever you are.

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Fill out our checklist and prove that Fusion Platform it’s your best choice.

Competitor 1Competitor 2
App iOS
App Android
Responsive plataform
Generates documentation
Easy integration
Easy process modeling
Includes Document Management
Social network features
Unlimited support for the standard product

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It doesn’t matter what your industry is,

with Fusion Platform, you improve and accelerate your processes.



  • Investment approval

  • Purchasing Management

  • Contracting management

  • Demand management

  • Trip management and
    expenses report

  • Payment release


  • Enviromental analysis

  • Enviromental incident


  • Employee admission

  • Employee contract

  • Trip expenses report

  • Hire request

  • Personnel request

  • Trip anticipation request

Public Management

  • Protocol elaboration

  • Term of reference

  • Purchasing Management

  • Public bid management

  • Budget management

  • Shared demands survey

  • Eletronic processing
    of documents

  • Public consultation

  • Quote request

Quality Assurance

  • Cause and effect analysis

  • Health and security analysis

  • Document revision control

  • Audit in management

  • Contract management

  • Audit planning in
    management systems

  • Action Plan

  • Non-compliance report

  • Contract request

  • Training request


  • Campaign approval

  • Customer data management

  • Opportunity management

and Innovation

  • Manage risks on the
    business continuity

  • Manage security
    information risks

  • Management of new
    business and ideias

  • Service order management

  • Incident management

  • Change management

  • Problem management

  • Action Plan

Reasons to choose Fusion Platform
and why it’s your best choice

All-in-one platform (BPMS/ECM/Analytics)

Fusion Platform includes the necessary tools to manage your business processes, documents and indicators.

Focus on modeling, documentation and automation of processes of any complexity

The ready-for-use processes offered by the market will not always meet the particularities of your business. Fusion Platform allows you to reflect these needs in the automation of your processes, regardless of the complexity level of the customization.

Easy to use (low-code)

Fusion Platform is oriented to all users from any business area, not just developers, allowing the automation of processes by any member of your team (IT independence).


Easy integration with ERP, CRM, among others.

Collaborative platform

Promote the integration of business teams and departments through social media features that facilitate communication between those involved with processes and documents.

Corporate mobility

Fusion Mobile allows you to run processes anytime and anywhere through quick actions in mobile apps.


Fusion Platform can transform your business and achieve the results you always wanted.

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