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OKR: All you need to know about the Objectives and Key Results methodology

The OKR methodology is a key aspect to accelerate development, optimize efficiency, and cultivate an excellence culture in your enterprise. Originated in Silicon Valley’s innovative context, the approach has proven vital for companies seeking to effectively achieve their strategic objectives. OKR stands for “Objectives and Key Results,” an strategy conceived in the 1980s by Andrew […]


How to implement a Document Management System (DMS) in your company?

How many physical files are on your desk right now? How about your drawers? Look at any company and you’ll find countless folders, cabinets and the like holding the most diverse types of documents, won’t you? Have you ever thought about the cost that all this paperwork brings, or how having to search manually for […]


Complete Guide: 8 Steps to Improve Efficiency in the Administrative Department

The pursuit of greater efficiency is a common goal in the corporate environment. Companies of all sectors, industries, and sizes seek ways to produce more with the same quality while reducing their resource usage. That is why, in this material, you will find 8 Steps to Improve Efficiency in the Administrative Department of your business. […]


Data Science x Big Data x Data Analytics

Using data is constantly rising. Organizations are more and more dependent on how they acquire and analyze data to extract accurate information for their business areas. This is where three interconnected terms come into play: Data Science, Big Data, and Data Analytics. What is Data Science? Widely spread in the market, Data Science refers to […]


How to create a BPM Business Case in 5 Steps

The growing popularity of Business Process Management (BPM) tools is not surprising, given its proven success and the value it provides to so many organizations. Even so, fostering support and acceptance for its implementation can be more challenging than expected. To address this, creating a high-quality BPM Business Case can make all the difference. But […]


What is EDM?

EDM stands for Electronic Document Management. It’s a system that manages the entire lifecycle of enterprise documents, from creation to disposal.

Ebooks & tools

What is EDM?

[Ebook] BPM in Riks Management

Risk Management is the best way to mitigate the impact of uncertainties and seize opportunities over time.

Download our complete study now and see how BPM can be your ally in Risk Management or access the link in our profile.

What is EDM?

[Ebook] 8 Steps to Improve Efficiency in the Administrative Department

The pursuit of efficiency is unanimous, and all areas need to focus on improving their performance and productivity. That’s why we’ve developed a comprehensive study, consisting of quick steps, to assist you in enhancing the efficiency of your business’s administrative department.

What is EDM?

[Ebook] BPMN Guide

The objective of this ebook is to give you a comprehensive introduction to BPMN, explain how a flow can be demonstrated visually and what its elements are, as well as show examples of its applications and formats.

What is EDM?

[Ebook] Process Automation Guide

Download the ebook and see the reasons for automating it’s processes, the benefits generated, how your implementation happens and which platform to choose.

What is EDM?

[Infographic] Hyperautomation

Much has been said about Hyperautomation, and indeed, this tool or combination of tools will be essential for the future of businesses. With that in mind, we have prepared this material for you to learn about all the advantages.

What is EDM?

[Ebook] How BPMS Assists in Audits

An audit is a meticulous examination of activities conducted within an organization. It is essential for preserving the characteristics of the workflow as described in its mapping. Learn why BPMS is a powerful tool in Audits.

What is EDM?

[Infographic] Business Management Systems

ERP, BPM, ECM, HRM, SCM, which one to adopt? This infographic will help you out understanding the difference between them and choosing the one that better fits your company’s needs.

What is EDM?

[Checklist] What to consider while choosing a BPMS platform

We want you to take the right decision when picking a BPMS, that’s why we’ve put together this checklist of important criteria to help you select the ideal solution. Download the checklist and compare BPMS solutions side by side to find the right one for your business.

What is EDM?

[Infographic] The benefits of adopting Fusion Platform

We know that the demands of an organization are diverse, among the main ones are the management of processes, documents, indicators, in addition to the collaboration and integration of the business as a whole. Point-to-point, learn why Fusion Platform is the best choice for your business!

What is EDM?

ROI calculator for BPM projetcs

Download our spreadsheet and clarify the value of investing on a BPM project. What’s the expected return, considering the proposed investment? Sometimes to calculate the return on investment in a BPM project can be a complex task. To help you in this mission, we develop a complete ROI calculator!

What is EDM?

7 commom mistakes in Process Management

When implementing management oriented to business process, we aim to increase productivity, optimize time, identify bottlenecks, etc. However, it is necessary to pay attention to some common mistakes in this phase. Find out in this e-book what these errors are and learn how to avoid them with the tips of our consultants.

What is EDM?

The role of BPM in industry

Thinking of helping your company stand out in the market, we prepared this ebook about the importance of process management for industries and how the right tool can help your business to evolve.


Other materials

The role of BPM  in industry

[Infográfico] Sistemas de Gestão de Empresas

Quando falamos em sistemas de gestão de empresas temos algumas variedades de siglas: ERP, BPM, ECM, HRM e por aí vai. Você sabe exatamente para qual área ou processo da empresa cada sistema se aplica? Para ajudar você a desvendar esse universo, criamos um infográfico que vai esclarecer suas dúvidas de uma vez por todas.

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